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Your Partner in Wellness + Aesthetics

Feel Great. Look Good.  That’s the power of Cryoskin. 

A non-invasive wellness-based aesthetic service combining detoxification and body contouring treatments to help shape the body you want and obtain your health and wellness goals.

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How do we achieve this?

Our body is forced to combat toxins daily.

​Toxins are present in...

  • The  food  we eat

  • The  air  we breathe

  • The  water  we drink 

  • The  products  we use.

Environmental toxins are nearly impossible to avoid. When we are not detoxing appropriately our body can be on overload, and symptoms of dis-ease can begin to disrupt our state of health. an..

At Live In Wellness, we understand the importance of making sure your detoxification pathways are open.  This holds true for general health and wellbeing, but especially if you're trying to tackle and target stored fat.  Guess what's stored in those fat guessed it, toxins!  We need to ensure that your lymphatic system is draining  so all that junk can move right on out!  We recommend and urge all Cryoskin clients to support the lymphatic system with supplementation.


Do you experience...


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Our Cryoskin Treatments are a wonderful way to stimulate detoxification, eliminate fat cells, while improving skin quality.
Cryoskin works with the body's biological processes, not against them. 


Find out which one is right for you.

Non-Invasive Detoxification + Body Contouring Treatments to help shape the body you want and obtain your health and wellness goals.

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 Experienced an improvement in
body shape 


1/2 inch

 Average of 1/2 inch lost with a single treatment 



 Reduction of Subcutaneous Fat 

I was 6 weeks post COVID and also recovering from a sinus infection.  I was experiencing extreme fatigue, headaches, fluid retention, AND my lymph nodes were still tender and swollen. I just didn’t feel right!  I’m thankful Live In Wellness was kicking off this service.  After my first treatment, the fluid in my lower limbs dissipated and my lymph nodes in my face and neck weren’t as tender. After my third treatment, I was feeling GREAT!  I’ve got my energy back, my lymph nodes are back to normal, and I certainly don’t feel as puffy or as inflamed as I did.  I’m even down 6 lbs since starting my lymph treatments!  I’ll take that as a big WIN! Thank you Live In Wellness

Renee G.

Why Book a Consultation?

Your Cryoskin Treatments are tailored to YOU and take into consideration your health and wellness goals.

We recommend getting started with a consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you.

 Ask Questions: 

It’s all about you. This is your opportunity to find peace of mind in your decision.  Your Cryoskin Technician will work with you personally to ensure all of your questions are answered and you are ready for your first treatment.  Please check out the links below that contain detailed answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.


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 Set Goals: 

During your consultation, we will take the time to better understand your health and wellness goals in order to choose the right treatment type for you.

 Get the Best Results: 

At the time of your first treatment, your Cryoskin Technician will make you feel as comfortable as possible and review the best tips to help you maximize your results.

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