Over the past two decades, I have been on a health and wellness journey that has taken me from traditional healthcare to a holistic approach.  As a Traditional Naturopath and the only practitioner Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition in the St. Louis Metro and surrounding areas, I will empower you to become a healthier and happier you.  Let's work together, so you can live in wellness!

take control of YOUR HEALTH

The “traditional" approach did not work for me. I've seen friends have success with various diets, injections, drops, and everything else under the sun. Trust me; I have tried them all!  After countless hours of research, study, and education, I have found that a holistic approach is the only way to truly heal oneself.  If you're interested in healing from the inside out and maintaining permanent change, then a holistic approach could work for you as well.  Please call or email me using the form below to discuss your own journey of wellness.  I am here to help you live your best life.




I was so very tired of feeling sick and unable to be the person I wanted to be. After I found the holistic approach and gained control of my health I made wellness my life’s work. Through education, experience, and training, I continue to live better, know better, and feel better.  Let me assist you in taking back your life so that you, too, can live in wellness.

stop talking


If you find yourself wired and tired, let me help you find a better solution than the temporary relief you get 20 minutes before bedtime. I will teach you tools and techniques to calm your nervous system to allow your body the rest it truly requires. Together we will implement strategies that will result in lasting change by modifying your thoughts and behaviors.  Only then can you truly start to live in wellness.


Your Greatest Self.


Your emotional well-being has a significant impact on your physical health.  However, on a traditional healthcare path, emotional health is often overlooked. When choosing a holistic methodology, we dive deeper and take into consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of total health.  If you are struggling to let go of what no longer serves you, get in touch today.  Your best self is waiting for you to take action.


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I was looking for help with my IBS as even my medications were not working anymore. Amber taught me several methods to help manage my stress and anxiety which have a direct impact on my IBS. After working with her, I can now leave my house with confidence!


Nancy M



I was looking for relief from my sinus congestion and drainage which irritates my throat and causes a chronic cough.  Amber introduced me to NAET and also helped me identify  foods which were making me worse. Thanks to her methods and suggestions, I'm feeling much better.


Elizabeth B



Just when you think you are stuck in a rut and can't figure out exactly what is missing to move forward in life and in health, here comes Amber. At first you will marvel at her contagious energy and can-do attitude. One might even think, "How can I keep up with this woman?" Amber's approach and oneliners will stick with you and change the way you not only see life but pave the way to a road that mirrors the Autobahn.  It's full speed ahead with Amber to a life where daily interactions become your labratory to use the skills she teaches to propel you on the road to health, wealth, and happiness. Her motto is "Problem solved".  She sees what you cannot see and is willing to teach you with honesty, laughter, and guidance.  Amber is the coach whose workouts lead to winning seasons of health and life. 


Cindy M 


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