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Functional and Integrative Services

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis - $150 Initial  ($75 repeat)


This Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis looks at blood markers to analyzes and interprets them into a comprehensive assessment. This assessment includes the main functional systems and the supporting accessory systems of the body that are affected and may need support. It also allows us to see the nutrient status of the body and whether or not you are trending towards optimal health. This analysis doesn’t look at blood tests as “normal” or “out or range” since many people may have “normal” labs but still feel unwell. Rather, this analysis uses ranges based on optimal physiology which results in a tighter range and better evaluation. This allows us to identify factors that keep our clients from achieving optimal physiological, biochemical and metabolic function in their body. 

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis + Consultation - $300

This includes a complete Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and a 30min consultation, to discuss your results and make any recommendations to help you improve your health based on your analysis findings. 

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Wired and Tired
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