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What is BioScan MSA?

BioScan MSA provides a perspective on the state of your body's energetic health.  If you've ever wanted to get a peek at what's really going on inside your body, this is your chance! You will also get a comprehensive look at how your body reacts to environmental toxins, stresses, and emotions.

How does the BioScan work?

The BioScan MSA allows your practitioner to perform a comprehensive scan which measures the flow of energy through acupuncture points associated with your body's major systems and organs.  The BioScan uses acupuncture points on the body to access various meridians which conduct the flow of energy,

By carefully analyzing the energy flow in each of the meridians, we will be able to evaluate whether any of these pathways are blocked or restricted.

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The Procedure

You will hold a small brass Hand Mass in one hand while the technician uses a stylus to touch various acupuncture points on your hands and feet.  Each point is associated with certain organs or systems in the body.

The Findings

The data gathered by the BioScan MSA is plotted on a colorful and easy to read report.  This data is analyzed and a customized plan is created to help strengthen the body and put your body on the path to a balanced and effecient state.

Normal - Acute - Chronic?

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Next Steps

We will review your overall health score, each organ system, each meridian, your detoxification score, and each column in regards to stages and color. Then we will do what we always...

balance the energy

in the body.

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