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I tried. I honestly did. I listened to the doctors; I swallowed the pills; used the creams, took the injections, and followed the traditional health recommendations, but I wasn't really getting better.  The doctors were treating my symptoms, but not finding the cause. Finally at 18 years old, I was diagnosed with my first auto-immune disease. That was when my wellness journey began.  


I did not feel good; I was always tired, and it became harder and harder for me to maintain my weight.  After college and into the early years of my professional career, I wanted to look good, so I pushed myself by eating less and exercising more. I still wasn't getting better.

My journey has taken me through institutions that focus on the whole body, including Trinity School of Natural Health, the University of Western States in Oregon, and the Institute of Transformational Nutrition in Los Angeles.  As a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath and the only Board Certified Nutrition Practitioner in the area, I am sharing the wisdom, tools, and modalities that helped me heal from the inside out.

​I grew tired of listening to the same old traditional medical advice that was getting me nowhere. I became my own health advocate by empowering myself with knowledge while asking more questions. I switched from prescriptions to whole-food-based supplements and continued to research natural healing options.

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I wanted to know more about my supplements and how they worked WITH my body to help me to be well. I wanted to empower myself so that I could heal, stop chronic dieting, eat naturally, and have some sort of balance in my life. I learned along the way that “balance” meant treating the whole me, not just the outside of me.  


I don't have all the answers, as I'm still on my journey. Every day, I strive to be a better version of me than I was the day before, and it's my calling to help other do the same.  So if any part of my experience sound familiar to you, now is the time to reach out. We can work to find the balance you've been missing. Let my journey inspire yours…to better health and to LIVE IN WELLNESS.

Education, Certifications, & Accolades
Bachelors Degree - Southern Illinois University
Doctor of Naturopath, Trinity School of Natural Health
Board Certified Traditional Naturopath, ANMBC
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition, NANP
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author 
Advanced Digestive Health Professional, FEI
100-Hour Acupuncture Certification, University of Western States, Oregon
International Practitioner 
Certified NAET Practitioner
Certified Master Herbalist
Certified Holistic Life Coach
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
Certified AutoImmune Specialist, ITN
Certified Digestive Health Specialist, ITN
Certified Shape ReClaimed Practitioner
Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, ITN
Functional Medicine Program, currently enrolled
Functional Naturopathic Program, currently enrolled
Studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs under Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi, NMD, PhD
2018 Higher Achievement Award - American Naturopathic Medical Association
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